Satisfied Customers

Here are some of the letters and emails from past customers!


I had my accident then a stroke. Could not see if I would ever ride again in my future...

I met you. You suggested Roany was a good solid horse.

I got him, a long set back before I could ride.

But I wanted to give you my update...

It's a very happy update. I have been riding him daily and have regained most of my balance back, my confidence has improved. This horse you gave me, has changed my outlook in life again... and has been the main modality for my physical health.

I love this guy. And I woke up this morning and wanted to tell you more about me.

Thanks again! Rich


Hi Sherry,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let youy know how wonderful Handsome aka "Dusty" is. I was concerned about buying sight unseen, but he is exactly as you descibed him. In fact, because he is so sane and well trained, he is making me a better and more confident rider. Thanks so much for your patience with all my questions and for your help setting up the prepurchase exam and transportation. You were awesome to work with and I couldn't be happier!

Judith Brown from Virginia

December 30th, 2019

Just wanted to let youy know Corona has worked out to be a super horse for me, everything you said he was and more. Our family has purchased 3 horses from you over the years, and they all turned out to be wonderful horses. Many thanks for your honesty, you are certainly a pleasure to work with. BTW Corona is as affectionate as my dog, an experience that I never quite had before. Here is a picture of our ride this morning.

Thanks Sherry,


September 2nd, 2019

Hi Sherry,

Here's Hollywood Hitracker on fourth steer of a 200 team jackpot. We won it hands down. He's at a big branding now and handling it all like a pro. We're having a blast with him. Thanks for putting us together.

Dick Lowry from California


Greeting Sherry: In November 2017 I purchased an APHA geldng from you named Catch Me Ridin' Dirty, and I thought I would update you. I have my dreamhorse in old age! My granddaughter is just now wanting to ride and Dirty is wonderful. Thank you for your patience with me checking /asking about horses, and your sound experience that I came to trust. Dirty is the character you represented in the best way, and forever horse to our family. Your quality business and knowledge is so very appreciated. Take care,


November 2019

Finally here are some pictures of Elvis. He is doing great! He is exactly the horse you described, nothing rattles him. Elvis is a wonderful horse inside and out. He has a permanent home here.

I would recommend anyone to purchase a horse from you.

Hope all is well.

Regards, Stephanie Silvernail

Sadsburyville, PA

June 12, 2019

Hi Sherry - Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how great Shorty has worked out for our daughter. She was everything you said and more!

Thank you,

Mike Deal

May 19, 2019

The smile says it all! Thanks Sherry!


Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to let you know Frosty is doing great. We really like him!


March 7th, 2019

Hi Sherry,

Chico did great on his first trail ride in the snow! He seems to feel right at home.

Katie in Hayward, Wisconsin

February 16th, 2019

Hi Sherry,

Squeaky is amazing! I have ridden him all over Pebble Beach Forest and nothing bothers him.

I absolutely love him and can't thank you enough for selling him to me.


Pebble Beach, CA

December 22nd, 2018

Hi Sherry,

Marty and Sue here with Queenie (now named Sundae) whom we absolutely adore!

She is loved by the whole stable, and is PERFECT in every way! She has been a blessing for us!

Can't think you enough!!!

December 31st, 2018

Dear Sherry, Just thought I'd let you know that Axle and Silver have worked out beautifully, exactly the disposition we needed for the grandchilden. My oldest is an accomplished horseman, next one has gained tremendous confidence, and is making big progress, next one down is riding much better, next one is natural born horseman, 12 year old rides Axle all over the farm, loves him to death, last two just getting started but comfortable with either horse.

Best wishes, Jim in South Carolina

December 10th, 2018

Dear Sherry,

Bob and I wanted to send a note to let you know how much we appreciate your working with us to find and buy a nice horse. We have been looking for the right horse for over a year and a half, and I must say we have been pretty picky. You spent the time and effort to help us work through our search with only presenting the us with horses that fit our needs. It was a long process that has been well worth the wait. The horse (Tex) we bought through you has proven to be safe, sound, and a joy to ride and be around. We just came back from riding the Canyons of the Ancients outside Cortez, Colorado which was a four-day camping trip and three days of long rides. Tex was well behaved on the road, did well in camp and he mastered the tough rock trails with common sense and care. I have told people that you have been very honest, know your horses and try your hardest to match up buyers with what they are looking for.

Thanks Again,

Bob and Yvonne

September 11th, 2018

Hi Sherry,

We thought you might enjoy this picture. We found something that Chico loves to do! Who would have thought a ranch pony is so great at jumping!

X-X Ranch

Parkman, WY

August 25th, 2018

Hi Mam,

Just wanted to let you know that Batman has worked out perfectly for the Grandkids to learn to ride on.

Thank you so much for finding my family this horse.

Hal Earnhardt

Queen Creek & Little Green Valley AZ

August, 2018

Hi Sherry,

Thank you for helping me find such a great horse. You matched us up perfectly! Although Shorty (now known as Dolce Vita) has only been with me for a short time, we are already bonding and enjoying our time together out on the trails. You were right when you said that she is non spooky, very sweet and very calm. Here is a picture taken on July 25th during a great ride with my sister who is on her horse, Ruby.

Many thanks again,

Debbie Champion San Jose, California

August 1, 2018


Thank you for this horse. He is exactly what you said he was, very gentle and perfect for my clients.

If you find another one like him, please let me know.

Thank you,

Walt Woodard

Stephenville, TX

July 21st, 2018

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for the time and care you took with Radar. He is a good boy, we start practice in June doing trail obstacles and trail riding for pleasure. The videos you did especially when I ask for a video to see how smooth he could trot was great. I didn't see a drop of wine spill and I think you enjoyed both the ride and especially the wine (good job).

The information you posted on him has been accurate and this is the first time I have purchased a horse without trying it out first and also the first time having a horse transported. The guys did a great job bringing him to California.

Thanks again for all you help and honesty regarding Radar.

Sue Ellison Redding, California

May 28th, 2018

Hi Sherry,

I wanted to give you an update and let you know Hot Diggety Dun is doing very well and I just love him to death. I couldn't have asked for a better horse. He is so smart and such a quick learner. Here is a picture of him being led by my 5 year old son and my 6 year old niece riding him. They love him just as much as I do. Thank you so much for giving me a chance with him.



Phoenix, Arizona May 6th, 2018

Hi Sherry,

Roanie is just exactly what I wanted. He arrived today and we already went on a short trail ride bareback. Thank you.

He will have a good life and good home. He is the horse you promised me.

Thank you so much,


March 5th, 2018

Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to let you know we made it home safe last night with Ike. He settled right in and we aleady roped the heelomatic this evening.

Jessica Tenpenny

Sparks, NV

April 2nd, 2018

Hi Sherry,

I just wanted to let you know that I just finished up the show in Laguna--60 consecutive nights--and "Gunsmoke" did great! He got used to the crowd, lights, applause and other distractions right away and we really thrilled the audience. I rode into the bowl in a bright spotlight, at a walk tipping my hat as Buffalo Bill Cody (see attached photos of me and Gunsmoke, taken in his coral backstage--yes I'm wearing a wig), did a quick single spin around and out. Then when I returned to the bowl a few minutes later for my second appearance, I had the horse stand still (which he did most of the time), while I palavered in sign language with an Indian way up on a hillside, then when the Indian raised a tomahawk as a sign of war, I spurred Gunsmoke into a gallop and we skedaddled out of the bowl, to the astonished audience to see a horse run so fast and so near to them (I was only about three feet in front of the first row) Thanks again for helping me find himÖand thank Bob as well. This horse was a hit with the rest of the cast and crew. He's quite a character and loves the attention they were giving him.

Phil Spangenberger & Gunsmoke now in California

September 5th, 2017


I just wanted to let you know Snow White was very well behaved and did great with Mason at our very first cutting!

Brent Mefford

Edmond, Oklahoma

September 3rd, 2017

Howdy Sherry,

Just wanted to let you know that Swagger is doing fine up here in Canada. He is a nice young head horse getting even beter as time goes on.

Daniel Baer in Canada

May 20, 2017

Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to tell you how much I love this boy!

Linda and Skip in California


Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to let you know Smarty is doing great. Here are some pics from our first water crossing and the wildflowers. He's one in a million!

Carol Stevens

Ketchum, ID

June 18th, 2017

Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to let you know Mr Perfect has been perfect. He took the trip well - as an Equine vets wife you have seen all kinds of things that can go wrong! He has eaten everything put in front of him and happily drinks the strange water. He has been a total gentleman and is a pleasure to work around, really friendly but respectful. Between his trip and the weather (95 and very humid )we have only done a little riding but he has calmly done everything we've asked. And is amusingly tolerant of our odd eastern ways. He's been through the creek and over the covered bridge, quiet in the wide open fields and careful on steep narrow trails in the woods. And he's only 4!

I've had horses for 40 years and never had one like this.

Thank-you also for your excellent service from multiple vet visits to meeting the semi transport at Home Depot! Above and beyond!

Mary Blauner and MR PITZER PERFECT from Pennsylvania


I wanted to give you an update on DNA HANGUN. Just got back from a three day mountain camp. I couldn't have been more pleased with him. He was as good as any seasoned horse. Great with all the water crossings, steep trails, downed trees and rough terrain. I did what you suggested, for now forget the ground work and just ride. He's been real sweet. The rest of our group was really impressed with the new horse. I renamed him Ruger.

Thanks, Deb Heath

Syracuse, Utah


I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Sid selling so quick for me. Your marketing skills and video were great. I wanted Sid to get a good home and it sounds like you did that. This is the second horse you have sold for us. Sherry you are an outstanding credit to the horse industry.

Thanks, TJ

Apache Junction, AZ

Had to send you this!

I absolutely love him!

Korby & DASHIN BUSTER now in Liberty Hill, Texas


Hi Sherry...this is Terry Phelps. I bought "Hollywood Tank" in November. I have since named him "Chunk". Suits him he IS a big chunk! He has turned out to be just perfect for me!! A real sweetheart, a bit lazy...just what I wanted. Although, he is learning to walk-out better every day. Nothing seems to really bother him, and in fact....I am getting ready to take off to Monument Valley to camp for a week with friends. Fun! Many people comment on how pretty and well put together he is, and boy is he ever!! .....and he really wants to please. Thankyou for selling me such a wonderful horse. Hopefully, the two of us will have many, many years..exploring the trails together.

Thanks again. Terry Phelps


Hi Sherry,

We bought HICKORYS KING DOC from you in late Nov early Dec; just wanted to share a couple pics of Casey and "Maxx" at their first perfs!

This was in Poteet, TX, last weekend -- 3 perfs at the CPRA Strawberry Festival.

Loving this horse! Such a gentleman.

Just FYI, I have 2 others friends looking for yellows to flag and set pivots at Fort Worth Stock Show next year. We took Maxx and he did great! 32 perfs.

April 13th, 2015

Hi Sherry, this is Vegas.

He is enjoying his life in Montana. He is my therapy and joy! When he hears me he meets me at the gate. We adventure out everyday. He takes good care of me.

Cindi Stout


Thank-you Sherry for the truly super gentle horses. We went on a cool trail ride yesterday on state land near my house. These two horses are so much fun. Next we are going to try arena soccer with them. I will keep you posted. Formerly known as Magic and Cupid - now Mellow and Sundance :)

Trish from Prescott, AZ


Dear Sherry,

I love Charm, thank you for finding her. We have started doing barrels together and she has done great so far. She is like a teddy bear and takes care of me. I think she will do anything for me. I love her so much I canít even tell you how much I love her. She is the best horse I could ever hope for and we will be together forever!

Thank you a lot!!!!!

Love, Hailey 6/30/2014


I don't think I can thank you enough for all that you have done for me! I can't begin to tell how blessed I have been to be able to ride some of your amazing horses, such as Gunner and Trigger, in the Lost Dutchhman Days rodeo and the Roots N Boots Rodeo. Both horse were an absolute dream to ride! They sure loved all the attention from the little girls and boys as well!

Thanks again and I cant wait to see what horse you put me on next! [;

Love, Brittany Kjer

2014 Roots N Boots Teen Queen

Sherry, you are one of my best friends, my inspiration, coach and mentor. You have given me countless riding experiences and taught me life lessons that I hold closely to my heart. You are truly a good-hearted and the most honest horse person I have seen in the business. I have sent all my friends who are in the market for a horse, or need to sell their horses to you and you always treat them as if they were your own friends. Without you, I wouldnít have half the experiences on horseback that I have and I canít wait to keep having more.

Sherry, thank you!!!

Charlotte Price from Gilbert, AZ

Hi Sherry!

Kahlua, now named Sadie and I wanted to say hi and send some pics. We are still so thankful for you bringing us together! I could not be happier with her and couldn't have found a more perfect horse to grow and learn with. We have done and learned so much in the past year, we've taken many trail rides, started Western Pleasure training and even went to our first sorting event last weekend! Your vast knowledge of horses combined with your sincere and honest business practices made the purchase and transition so smooth, thank you so much!

Darcy Graham 1/17/2014

Dear Sherry,

I'm writing to let you know how Lucky is doing! I bought Lucky back in January of 2005. He was an extremely well mannered and gentle 3 year old gelding that stole my heart. We started competing at Eastside Progressive Barrel Racing Association the same year. At the end of the season, we had placed 1st and won a buckle in barrels, and 4th in poles to win a trophy halter. The successful season helped get the ball rolling. I had run 24s the first couple races and those quickly became 19s. We started hitting NBHAs and other gymkhanas the next year as well as continue to run Eastside. Lucky took every event in stride, switching patterns with ease and bringing home 3 more buckles, another halter and a wall of ribbons over the next couple years.

On top of his outstanding gymkhana career, he was an avid trail rider! Most of the time bareback with a halter or just a lead rope. Super gentle and bombproof. Nothing would spook him. He was the horse I would toss all my beginner friends on and hit the trail. We also tried English. Jumping mostly. He could clear 3'9"! In 2009 I ended up taking a break from riding, leaving Lucky and my other horse in a pasture for about 4 months. After my life settled down I couldn't wait to get back in the saddle! I took Lucky out on trail with just a halter and he was not the least bit "fresh". Such an amazing horse!

In 2010 I brought Lucky to Stars of Horsemanship to be used as a lesson horse. He was immediately a barn favorite! The go-to horse for any reason. Between lessons, birthday parties, and leasers, him and I continued to add ribbons to our growing collection. In the beginning of 2013 I moved on to horse property right next to P and M arena. We competed in Cvsc and continued to bring home ribbons and money. Around December 2023, I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice older lady that loves to barrel race. A previous accident on a different horse had her nervous and weary of racing any horse except a horse she shared with her grand daughter. I let her try Lucky. Within minutes she was loping around. Her smile lighting up her whole face. The next day she rode again, this time with only a lead rope around his neck! Lucky had worked his magic. At the end of December, she had bought him.

Lucky has brought many years of joy and friendship to my life. He is a great horse with a lot of heart and an amazing personality. He took me as far as he could without any hesitation. He was consistently running 18s on barrels and on New Years Day I was able to race him one last time. He ran an 18.27. His fastest time yet :)

Thank you again for this great horse! Attached are some pictures from over the years and the video of his run from 1.1.14 :)

Emily Ashey Gilbert, AZ

Hi Sherry!

It's been a few months and I have been promising pics of Scarlett for your website. So here ya go. She has just been so much fun. The last few months Scarlett and I have been spending a lot of arena time. Just getting to know one another. She is a sweet girl. Everyone that sees her comments on how pretty she is. She gets along really well at the barn with all the other horses and is so much fun to ride. Thank you so much for the time you took with me when I was looking for a forever horse. You were kind and patient and very knowledgable. I love my mare to the moon and back and as soon as my truck gets fixed haha, we will be hitting the trails. Enjoy the pictures.

Love and Happy New Year to you,

Debra Fuller and Scarlett Rose Fuller


Hi Sherry!

I just wanted to pass a few pictures along of Flicka (Sedona) since we have had her. Hailey choose her name because it means "beautiful, young girl" according to the newer Flicka movies (I think she hit it right on!!). Hailey and I are SO in love with her still. She has been the best horse and has been more than we could have hoped for. We receive compliments on her often and Hailey is so proud to own her own special horse, she is learning so much with her too!! I have shown her in one show so far this year and she placed in Halter, Showmanship and one Western Pleasure class as well as Leadline with Hailey. We plan on showing her consistently starting in January and know she will rock!! We adore her and know where to look if we ever are looking for another horse to join the family!! :-D

Thank you!! Samantha (Sam) & Hailey 11-19-2013

Hi Sherry,

Charlie is now called "KAI" and we LOVE him. He is all settled in and doing great! He exceeds our expectations, and lucky we found him as Chap stole Whiskey / "HOKU" from me. :) He rides everyday and I am doing the same when I am in AZ. They were moved next to each other in the main barn today so they are buddies and very happy. They have nice cozy stalls with outdoor paddocks - deluxe condos! I will send a photo - we are going to have a friend take a nice one of us all together. Thank you again a zillion times for finding us 2 fabulous horses!!! I will keep you updated.

Aloha, Barbara



Hi Sherry,

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help to find such a great horse. Whiskey is now HOKU (star in Hawaii) and full name Hokulani (Heavenly Star) He is such a good boy, so patient and willing...we LOVE him!! He is adjusting nicely to the barn and ranch. We work in the round pen then go in the arena and around the property. We are both riding and have new saddles, etc. I am adjusting to western. You were right, he is very loving and kind. We really enjoy being with him EVERYDAY!! We are on a waiting list for an opening for him to have a really nice stall in the barn where he will have both an inside stall and outside paddock = deluxe horse condo!! HA

Thank you again so much! Barbara & Chap


I kept my word! After buying Candy I just couldn't help but get another from you! There wasn't a better choice than Magic. Again, he's everything you said he was and then some! He is perfect. Super gentle, sweet, and loads of personality. I can put this horse where ever I want him to go, and he never asks why. We have entered some barrel races and he is doing great!

Thank you for such an amazing young horse Sherry!

Love, Brittany Kjer and Magic



Hi Sherry,

Wiggles is doing great. He's bringing home buckles, money, ribbons and sponsor goodies almost every time I take him out. I've had him showing and running poles since last December. He's not yet competing in barrels, but will be very soon and likely keep up his winning streak once I get his times consistent. Hopefully I'll get you some photos at some point for your testimonials page. Thanks again. You were a pleasure to do business with.

Best, Dusti Martin


Update on Maxine, aka "ACES LITTLE COVERGIRL". Maxine won her 1st buckle! She was the All Around Champion for Breakaway and Heeling.

Cliff Cordova, Idaho



Chrome is doing very well, he is everything you said he was. You have another very satisfied customer.

My significant other does oil portraits, but had never done a horse before She was intrigued with Chrome's color and structure so she took a stab at it.

Regards, Bob Schweizer

Mesa, AZ



You can not realize how happy I am with Beamer he is the best head horse I have rode in a long time. He is fun to trail ride or go to a roping just a great horse to be around. Thanks for all you did and the thoughtfulness that you showed toward me and what I needed for a head horse. Beamer has a good home here plenty of good New England hay, water, and pasture. The grand children are all over him and he loves it. This was a great choice for me. Thank you very much

David Caccavaro

Concord, Massachusetts


Candy is everything you said she was and then some! I can see her and I going far and I'm so happy you found her! These are the only pictures I have so far but there will be many more to come! I can't wait to see where this amazing mare takes me and I will always have you to thank! If I'm ever looking for another horse to join the family I will be sure to come back to you! [:

Love, Brittany and Candy



Thanks for finding a wonderful home for Partner so soon. I was just too attached to market him myself. The pictures and video you posted were so wonderful that someone came all the way from California to buy him. It was obvious that you took time to really know and showcase his skills. You provided a very honest description of the level rider that would be successful with him so there wouldn't be any surprises for the buyer. You kept in constant contact with me as to how he was doing and any interest in him you were receiving. Your consignment program is fantastic. Your website really reaches a lot of serious buyers. I would highly recommend you to anyone needing to market their horse for sale.

Helen Bell, AZ


I just wanted to fill you and Helen in on what is going on with Partner. Short and simple-GREAT!!. He is a champ on the trail but I am having a blast with him in the arena also. I have a longtime friend who is a wonderful trainer and she has helped me reconnect with my riding and she has fully brought out Partners wonderful ability to execute a gorgeous jog. He was moving forward leading with his cute little nose when I first brought him home which made his jog choppy and uncomfortable Now with some great exercises she has encourged him to bend beautifully at the pole and collect with very little effort as he drives from behind with those great muscles he has .And what an amazing stride this little 14-2 guy has. He can really cover a lot more real estate than horses much larger than he is----and with grace and confidence, and determination to boot. He is so happy and constantly licking his lips and it is like gliding on silk when he moves. He is a dream horse, and of course, everyone at our saddle club just loves him. We have cold winters up here so he is a bit of a woolly bully now, The boys do have a couple of nice shelters in their corral. He seems to be adapting well to the climate change. I believe you said he came from Minnesota or some other cold climate so I know he will do well in our winters. Both of the horses love their salt and mineral blocks and drink lots of water which is a good thing. We actually have him in the same corral as Pard now and they get along great. Partner is smart enough to know he needs to stick close to his own feed a leave Pard's alone. That is the only thing that would get Partner in trouble and he is just way too polite and smart the play the "top horse" game. Besides he is about 2 hands shorter than Partner. My husband has never seen Pard be so kind and accepting of another horse. That just goes to show what a psychologically balanced little guy he is. Although I do have to admit that he has learned to pin his ears back at the horse in the next corral in a vague attempt to look like a bad ass courtesy of Pard. I really don't want to tell him how out of his element he looks. I should have a video one of these days of a riding lesson. I am not even sure I could figure out how to send it, but, if I get it and figure out how to send it woud you like to see it? Again, I thank you for offering this wonderful horse for sale. I also want to thank Helen and her husand for caring for and handling him so beautifully. He is such a personable and polite horse who wants to please and loves attention (as well as carrots and chopped apples).Their good stuardship really shows. If Helen ever wants to email me to I would love to know more about his life before she aquired him if she wanted to share that.

Thank you! Carole

Big Pine, CA


Hey Sherry,

Just wanted you to know that Rio is doing well. He was great on the way up and we had no problems. We have been riding him today, he is super gentle.

Thanks again, Brad from Pine Valley, Utah







Dear Sherry,

I wanted to let you know how much I love Tank. He is working out just perfect for me. I ride him almost everyday and he has built up my confidence every time I ride him. He is working out so great for me. My shoer was really pleased. He said Tank was really good and stood for him really well.. Thanks again for this really nice horse.. I just adore him.

Jeanine 7/16/2010

Hi Sherry,

We bought Nevada from you in January of 2006. He is truly a wonderful horse in every way. We re-named him "Cooper" and my wife and I began our horse riding adventure. Now over three and a half years later it just keeps getting better. Yesterday my now almost seven year old daughter mounted him all by her self for the first time! Cooper showed the patience of Jobe as she climbed aboard. It has been an unbelievable pleasure to have such a wonderful horse to learn how to ride on. My only regret is that it took me so long to say THANK YOU!


Let me start with a THANK YOU Sherry for finding this guy!

Some of you may know I bought "Tank" (new name coming) from Sherry for my mom for her birthday. Mom was very surprised and after today very happy! I'm adding pictures to show how great he is for her. It was so exciting to us to be able to ride and have FUN! Note how far away from Playboy he is in some pics. She was able to ride in front of the line, in back of the line, side by side, far away, through the water, I even saw her chilling on him eating a snack with the reins hooked on the saddle horn while riding down the trail! What a keeper!

Lori Haskins, Mesa AZ



Hi Sherry,

this is Cheryl from Central California. These are some recent photos of Pal (purchased 12/31/07) and Jesslyn at the Creston Gymkhana. She won 4 second place ribbons out of 6 events. Her confidence is soaring because of Pal. He is quiet every time she rides, never fresh no matter how long it has been since her last ride. He never has offered to buck or run away with her. We are enjoying trail riding together now, too. Sometimes I have to ask Jesslyn to go first because my horse won't move forward, Pal puts his head down and just goes, never refuses to do anything he is asked. Jesslyn loves him tremendously and he has been great for our family. It was well worth the 600 mile trip to Arizona. I can guarantee that whenever I get my next horse I will be going to Arizona to see you. I like the fact that your horses are ranch broke and always quiet and honest.

Thanks, Cheryl Blank Paso Robles, California

Hi Sherry,

I wanted to ride Ranger (aka Pokey) on a large group ride before I let you know how he was doing. Thursday we went out with approx. 45 horses on a Las Damas ride at Sophie's Flats here in Wickenburg. The ride was quite rocky at times and fairly steep, but he did just great; the pace was a fast walk, and he only needed minor encouragement to keep up. On Saturday, my daughter and I went on another group ride; she was on my other horse, and I rode Ranger. These rides tend to be a bit wilder than the Las Damas rides with rider's and horses trying to one up each other. My daughter had some trouble controlling my other horse when strange horses came running up on her, but Ranger remained calm and pretty much ignored the insanity around him. He's getting along well with our other two horses and starting to gain some weight. My other daughter (who is a very timid rider) rode him yesterday, and he took very good care of her. He's going to work out just fine here, we love him and will give him a good home. Thank you, Sherry, I will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a good, gentle trail horse.

Cathy 2/23/09


Just thought you would like to know how well Rascal now Kip is doing. He is great, he is coming back into shape easily and loves the attention. He seems to love the flag pattern as well as the barrels. We are working on him for goats. Poles are not his thing, but we will keep working with him. Breann just loves how responsive he is :) and no issues....even after a week off from the bad weather and sick kids.

Thanks a bunch. Gayle

Boulder City, NV



Jordan and Sunny won the Reserve All Around Championship in the Wrangler Junior Rodeo Asso. 2007 and 2008. Also won the goat tying championship in the WJRA 2008. The picture shows Jordan winning 3rd in the average at the National Little Britches Rodeo Finals 2008. Sunny has turned out to be a fabulous horse. Jordan competes in all events on him, flags, goat tying, breakaway roping, steer daubing, ribbon roping, and team roping. Sunny has never spooked or bucked. Jordan rides him bareback on short trail rides that take him over water and he never balks. Since bringing Sunny home Jordan's confidence on and around horses has soared. Diesel is doing well so far. We haven't had a chance to rope on him yet, but we have taken him on a couple of trail rides and he did great. We'll let you know how he does when we start competing. Thanks again for your honesty and perspective, it's hard to find in your business.

Ron Taylor - Boulder City, Nevada


Hi Sherry,

It's only been two weeks, but I just wanted to send you an update on Tango to let you know how great he is doing. Since winter is just around the corner for us here in the high country of Colorado, I was going to wait to purchase a horse for myself in the early spring of 2009. However, when I e:mailed you last month to give you an update on another horse we purchased from you for our daughter, and you told me about Tango, curiosity got the best of me I had to find out more about him. He sounded too good to be true, but since we already had purchased two other great horses from you, I felt pretty safe in buying another one, even though I had never even seen him. I appreciated that you took the time to tell me everything you could about Tango, and you represented him honestly without being 'pushy'. He is everything you said he was and then some! He is as perfect for me as any horse could be, and now I know the wonderful feeling my daughters have experienced with bonding with their horses. He has the best disposition of any horse that I have come across in quite some time -just as you said (although my daughter's horses purchased from you are pretty nice too)! He is friendly and curious, but not overly so, making his ground manners impeccable! I have really enjoyed that he is forward enough to keep going where ever I point him, but yet he doesn't care where he is in the line when I ride the trail with my daughters. I had also trusted you when you told me that he was smooth to ride, and I can honestly say that this is the first time in years that my back doesn't hurt when I ride - what a pleasant change! I only wish I didn't wait so long to purchase a horse from you!

Thanks again for ANOTHER safe, sane, fun horse!

Christie Duplan, Silverthorne Colorado

P.S. Attached are a few pictures of us with our horses that we purchased from you: Tango, Chili (aka Phoenix) and Josey.


Hi Sherry,

I know I just sent you an e:mail a few days ago to give you an update on Chili (aka Phoenix), but we just finished our Gymkhana season and I had to let you know - Erica took FIRST PLACE in her age division with Chili !!! I can't believe that we just purchased Chili two months ago from you, and how well he and Erica have done together in such a short time! Everyone has been talking about what a great horse he seems to be for Erica, and as a result, there may be more people from Colorado coming to see you about purchasing a horse for their child.

Thanks again for a safe, fun horse!

Christie Duplan - Silverthorne, Colorado 9/7/2008

Hi Sherry,

It's been about two months, and as promised, I'm sending you an update on Phoenix (Erica renamed him 'Chili'). A few years ago, we had purchased a Palomino Paint mare from you (Josey), and she has turned out to be a fantastic horse. My daughter Kayla rides Josey on the trail and also for Western Pleasure and Gymkhana with her 4-H group. Any time anyone saw Kayla riding Josey, they always told us that we should get another one just like her. When Erica's horse died at the age of 23 we started looking at your website again. We decided to come back to Arizona and look at a particular horse you had and as is turned out, found a different one based on your recommendation. This was a perfect match, and your intuition was right on target - Chili and Erica hit it off right away. Chili was very honest from the get go and did not test Erica but was enough horse that he challenged her to become a better rider. The two of them really seem to click in the arena and Erica is tied for first place in her age division at our local summer gymkana series. He has also been on some real Rocky Mountain trail rides and has been just what we had hoped for on the trail; level-headed and safe. We are more than pleased with our purchase and would like to thank you for honestly representing your horses. The safety of our kids is the most important aspect of their horseback riding experience. We appreciate that you understand the responsibility a seller has to honestly represent horses to families with children. I am going to be on the lookout for a horse for myself this late winter/early spring and will be keeping an eye on your website. Thanks again for selling us another safe, fun horse!

Christie Duplan Silverthorne, Colorado 8/31/2008

P.S. Attached are a few pictures of Erica and 'Chili'


I just thought I would send you a little update on Cruiser. We bought him from you a few months back and started riding him right away. Everything you told us was true. The good habits and the bad. LOL..... We found out that roping in an arena was not his favorite thing to do. He would do it, but just did not seem happy with that job. Shawn use him to gather some cows out on the desert, and we found that he would put his head down and focus. He became very comfortable and easy to work with. Almost seemed like he had a cool-aid smile on his face. :-) Shawn's niece who is 9 years old fell in love with him and she is riding him almost everyday and he behaves perfectly for her. She is using him to help her dad push cows from pasture to pasture up in Utah. She is even starting to play with him on the barrels and poles. He is such a powerful horse, yet has turned out to be soooo super gentle!!

Thanks for being honest and a friend in the horse business.

Valorie - Globe, AZ


Hi Sherry,

I hope all is well with you and youíre surviving the heat. You may recall that approximately two years, almost to the month, I purchased a sorrel gelding from you. His supergentlehorses name was Robbie. We call him Little Louie and he has more than exceeded my expectations as a trusted riding partner. Heís got tons of stamina, is very sure footed and is sensible on the trail and riding around town. I can point him to the trail, even after a five hour ride, and without a momentís hesitation, he willingly and eagerly steps out. In fact, when all the other horses get antsy to go home, Louie actually slows down and is in no hurry whatsoever to call it a day. I just love that horse! So, needless to say, I was devastated when he got into some oleander a few months ago. But I am happy to report that not only did this tough little horse survive, his story is being published in EQUUS magazine (September 08 issue, I believe). Iíll be sure to send you a copy when it comes out. Meanwhile, hereís a photo of him. I will have others when the article comes out. Thanks again for my terrific little ranch horse.

Dee Adams McVicker - Arizona 07/3/2008

Hi Sherry,

I just wanted to give you a brief update on Phoenix. He is doing awesome! He was great the entire trailer ride home, with an overnight stay in Moab, UT. We got home Sunday afternoon and brought him out to the arena on Monday - it would seem that it was a little too soon to bring him yet to another new place, but he seemed so calm the whole way home we didn't think he'd mind - and he didn't! Nothing seems to bother him at all, and his personality is really starting to come out. He's friendly, he loves people, he loves to be petted, and he's curious of just about everything. Erica totally loves him! In just his first week at his new home, we've already trailered him to the arena three times, and have tried barrels, poles, flag race and keyhole - he does great with the flag race - the first time approaching the flag, he tried to put his face in the bucket! Thanks for doing such a good job keeping an eye out for the 'perfect fit' for Erica. The two of them are going to make a great team! We've got our first Gymkhana this Saturday, so I will send you pictures and a better e:mail for your website.

Thanks again!

Christie Duplan Silverthorne, Colorado 6/26/2008


I just want to say, that I have gotten more compliments on my horses in the last 3 months than I have ever gotten in my whole horsie life!!! We've been going to my neighbors house to practice barrels and everytime we go they can't say enough about our horses. How well behaved they are, how they completely take care of the kids... etc. It's just really cool. And they always ask me, "now where'd you get this one from", I tell them Sherry and they say "you got all of them from her?" Seems like they are just amazed! Sometimes I am too!!! I sure feel really lucky. Thanks Sherry for making sure your horses are perfect, so our kids can stay safe and have a great time riding!!! (us too!! )

What can I possibly say about you and your business that doesn't speak for itself. We bought Gunner from you last year, and Decker this past January, and my newest addition Hollywood. The boys are riding every chance they get! They love their horses and wouldn't trade them for the world. We do nightly bareback rides around the neigborhood, trail ride, team pen, take them camping and go to gymkhana's. They have been able to grow such confidence riding these horses. It's amazing to see thier transformation. I can't possibly thank you enough for these more than perfect members of our family!! Don't forget, I need 1 more. :) maybe two if I can convince my nephew to ride more!

Rick, Janette, Zach, & Jacob Ulacco 6/26/2008

Here's a photo of the horses on the side of the freeway! We had to unload at night to change a flat tire and we were so worried to unload horses in the dark on the side of the freeway. As always, all the boys stood quiet while we changed the tire.

Thanks Sherry!

I have 2 of Sherry's horses and I can put anyone on them and not have to worry about them . They are the best and I tell lots of people about her horses when they are looking for a first time horse. I have an Appaloosa that I bought over the internet and had shipped from Reno. He is a very good horse but is a little scared on the trail , thinks something is going to jump out and eat him!!! But when I ride him with one of my ranch horses (Super Gentle Horses), he is so much better. Amazing how a calm "been there done that " kind of horse can have an affect on a big" scaredy cat" horse. Thanks Sherry!

Jackie, Peoria, AZ 6/27/2008

Ok, i'm gonna put in my 2 cents worth. I got sunspots from sherry. Although he wasn't one of her "supergentle" program horses, he fit me to a tee. He has just enough personality to make a ride interesting but at the same time, he is absolutely safe. Those of you who know me know about my fear of going down hills and Spots is so sure footed and careful that he has gotten me almost completely over my fears. I love him to death. Thank you Sherry, for matching me up with spots!

Lori, aka "Desertwolf" Mesa, AZ 6/26/2008


Here are some pictues of Sky in his new home. He remains turned out at all times now. We use stalls only occasionally. He is happy on the trails, goes where ever he is asked, even crossing water. He isn't spooky at all. He doesn't worry about trucks, quads or dogs or other misbehaving horses. Hes easy to catch and is giving his front feet more easily. He's making friends-he's really bonded to my 25 year old rescue horse, Ranger. I will send another update soon.

Happy trails, Sonja 5/27/2008

Hi sherry this is Ivy, Rustys new owner. Heres some photos I got on a trail ride these are for you pick out which ones you like some you can put it on your happy horse owners page. Well hes doing GREAT! He's just wonderful and he likes treats but I make sure I don't spoil him to much. I think I might barrel race on him!! He is a pro at it I hardly have to stear him he just does the pattern like its nothing. I also may teach him tricks like bowing. I'm SO happy with him. He's just a angel! I hope you like some of these photos! I think you run a super horse place and if I had $100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.... Dollars I'd buy more then just Rusty your horses are worth gold! Rusty would also be great for a program called TROT in fact he's better the all those horses there he's worth more then money could buy! By the way TROT is very picky and he'd probly make it in a jippy. Also TROT is a program for disabled kids so they don't take just any horse!! I LOVE MY RUSTY! P.s: I got better at bareback thanks to Rusty and thanks for letting me try out bareback at your house!!!

Thanks, Ivy Jakel & the Zitzmann family - Green Valley, AZ


Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to let you know, we made it the 600 miles home, safe with Pal. He traveled better than any horse we have ever hauled even in a short distance. He never moved the whole time. Jesslyn rode him for almost an hour on Tuesday afternoon. He was just as quiet as he was at your place. She even trotted him, more than she has ever attempted on her other horse. Towards the end of her arena ride, I think she was even enjoying the faster speed, she was lit up, smiling. He was just what we needed. He's a character, very special little horse. We are going to enjoy him tremendously. I can't wait to take Jesslyn on her first solo trail ride out of the arena. You're doing such a great job with your program. You certainly do the homework that I didn't have the time for. Your evaluations are right on target. Thank You.

Thanks for spending the afternoon with us. I hope your New Year's Eve party went off without a hitch. I hope Charles band rocked! The trip to Arizona from California was well worth the drive. I was uncertain but not disappointed. I will keep you up to date just for fun. Tell your dad Hi, John enjoyed talking to him about all the engine stuff, was very cool.

Thanks again.

Cheryl Blank Paso Robles, CA. 1/3/2008

Hi Sherry,

Thanks 4 Cisco!! He is a keeper. My 4-h teacher says that Cisco is sooo good that i should use him in a professional 4-h horse show. but it is just 4 4-h. !! i have fun with him a lot. i always have so much fun.

Monica Young



I am greatful and thankful for you everyday! I appreciate how much you thought about me and how hard you looked to find me that perfect horse. You are a true friend and a person who loves what she does no matter good days or bad! At the last trail ride I decided I was just not good at riding and that it had to be me and my lack of riding ability that made my horse experiences so stressful. You talked to me for hours and helped understand it was not just my riding abilty, it was also a bad horse. You told me that you could find me a great horse and you did!

Now about Vegas!! For the first time in a long time I was completely at ease on the trail ride yesterday. He is perfect! He is good in the back, front by himself or with a group. Not one time did I see his ears pinned at another horse and he has such power steering. I was worried I would ruin him yesterday because I am so heavy handed after my last horse, but all it took was few miniutes and I got it and I LOVE IT! I was even able to have a beer or two while riding!!! (OK OR THREE) At one point yesterday I had to warn Charlie that if I started tearing up just ignore me. I was so happy and felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders. I felt alot of my confidence come back yesterday and look forward to regaining the confidence I had two years ago. At one point yesterday we went down what I thought was a very steep hill. I was scared and was not too big to admit it. Someone told me to close my eyes and Vegas would take care of me. I thought are you crazy???? Well I did not close my eyes but started down the hill. I could not make myself breath but Vegas was slow and sure footed about half way down I took a breath and had a smile on my face. That was a big one for me!!!!! He even passed the Mare test!!!! I look forward to working with him in an arena! It will be such a nice change to have a horse that is not resentful and just wants to please. Again THANK YOU SHERRY YOU ARE A TRUE FRIEND AND I WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU HAVE DONE FOR ME.

Here are some photo's of me and Vegas!

Michelle Lemely 12/24/2007


He had a great night. Making friends. He no longer walks away from the girls. They run and skip up to him and love on him. His round pen training is excellent. He truly is one smart eager to please cookie.

Kerry 12/10/2007

Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to write and let you know that we are very happy with Chance! He is doing great and is everything you said he was! He has gained more weight, looks awesome, and is quite the confidence builder! I even took him out riding by myself, which is something I haven't done for a very long time. Like almost everyone, we have been very busy with the holidays coming, and haven't had time to ride for the past three weeks. But, we took Chance out today, and he was the same horse as always---he was perfect!

Thanks so much! Linda Gambuto


Hi Sherry,

Thanks for Copper and Simon. The kids are having a blast with them! Sara and Jeralyn ride rode Simon bareback doubles on the trail for two hours to the park and back yesterday and he was incredible. Copper is turning into a really fast little barrel an pole horse! The kids came home with $93.00 at the last local gymkhana. We are also thrilled that Sara's best riding buddy Monica bought Cisco. The girls can't wait to ride there new horses together. Next year I will be in touch with you about a horse for myself.

Take care. Jennifer Rotteveel



Wyatt and Rosie are inseperable; if she gets close enough to the fence he's gettin on with or without a saddle and bit. If you can't find Wyatt just find Rosie. She's a great horse well worth the trip to AZ. And she can't seem to get enough of our green green grass.

Shirle Smith from Texas



Thanks for selling me such a great horse. Here is Harley (phoenix when I bought him) at work in Morman Lake.

He has a part time job and is loving it.

Thanks, Jim King 10/29/2007


Well it took us all season but here are the pictures of Jacob on Hammer. He is now running him at events all over the place and finished the rodeo season with his first saddle win! He is roping off him and doing trail courses on him. They are a perfect fit.


Boulder City, Nevada



Here are some pictures of Sky from our first show. We had fun!

Cheryl DiVito


Hey Sherry, Getting back into riding again, yeahh!!! Her are some pictures of Cheyanne & Poncho jumping. He filled out nice, a little fat, but looks better. Now that we are riding again Cheyanne will get him trimmed down. Thought you would enjoy these. Enjoy and I'll talk to ya later. Let me know what you think! (Besides, where's her helmet?) She didn't plan on jumping. Oh, well!

(( She sure loves her Poncho!)) Perfect match! Thank you Sherry!!

Thank you for all of our boys!


Wickenburg, AZ



We have had six of the grandchildren on Hershey ranging in age from 4 to 10 years and have not had any problems. Hershey seems to be very good at adapting to the skill of his rider and slows down for the younger children. We are happy with him.

Thanks, The Mitchells

Tucson, AZ


Sherry, I know I should have done this earlier. But I wanted to drop you a note just to let you know what a great horse Whiskey has turned out to be. I feel so lucky to have stumbled onto your web site last December. I was looking anywhere I could to find my first horse. Then I saw Whiskey on the site. I thought he sounded cool, and you advertised him to be for a novice rider. I wasn't sure if I would have called myself that at the time. But I didn't want to be called a beginner either. After all I had been riding for a year 3x a week. I thought I knew so much about horses. Boy was I wrong lol. Then I met you and rode Whiskey for the first time. I fell in love right away. I tried to be so cool infront of you. So you wouldnt know how little I actually knew. But knowing you now as I do. I am sure you saw right through me. So I purchased my first horse from you with pride and joy. And it was like bringing home a new baby. I was so afraid to do anything wrong. I read everything I could. The web site was expecially healpful,and called you several times for advise. Along the way I ended up with a much better knowledge of horses and a really good friend. Yes I am still learning everyday about my horse. Thank you so much for this wonderful life changing experience. I look forward to all the new adventures Whiskey and I will share in the years to come. I know that when I purchase my next horse, and there will be a next one I am sure of that. I will be knocking on your door again.

Your Friend always, Whiskey's mom Tiffany

Queen Creek, AZ


Sherry I thought I should send you a line on how Jacob is doing with Hammer. Well we could'nt be happier! Jacob has done everything from playdays, trail rides, team penning, team roping, and rodeos on old Hammer, he is a perfect fit for Jacob, he is even starting to run him a bit, and he can get up and go. Hammer still hates the fly mask and spray but loves the apples we have given him.

Thanks again Gayle

Boulder City, NV


Hey Sherry,

I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how happy we are with your business and the boys that we bought from you. King/Cesar is everything I could have ever wanted in a horse. He has speed and personality. Gentle when I want and athletic when I want. He has become very friendly and sweet. To think he was not purchased by people because he didnít seem friendly enough. Tiger/Jax, his rider Jess has been taking lessons and he is improving with her, she loves him and he is a great addition. Wylee has been doing great he is our rescue horse when anyone spooks on the trail tried and true Wylee will walk right on and get everyone else to follow. He also has a competitive side to him and is perfect for my daughter. She is also taking riding lessons. Also, Rio has been great. He has not been out on the trails but he is doing great being ridden in the arena. He is very fast like you said but Jessica and I have been riding him and he responds very well and has not had any bad behavior. I will send you pictures when I have some time. We only have dial up where we live, but I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the guys and your business and will continue to recommend you to anyone we know.

Sherry Wooten

Queen Creek, AZ


Dear Sherry,

I thought you might enjoy this picture of Sprocket and Wrangler. I am on Wrangler and my daughter Molly is on Sprocket. She loves him so much it is unbelievable. She hasn't stopped smiling since she got him. My mother in law rode for the first time in 20 years and loved every minute of it. Your descriptions of the horses were right on and we are so grateful to you. You are making a difference in the life of our family. Thanks for everything and feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

Thanks, John Ginn

Sulphur Springs, Texas


Hi sherry!!! Luckys doing great! He is a great trail horse and I ride him everywhere, to am/pm, and to my friends house. He's gone to partys and he is super gentle even tho he is only 4 years old! I have started him on cows and he is really getting into it, and we are now running in the "C" class in barrels, and we get faster everytime! He's really a great horse and i am really lucky to have found him.

Thanks again for the great horse!

Love, Emily Ashey

Gilbert, AZ



Last summer on July 13th, 2006 we purchased Cactus Jack from you and brought him out to Whitmann where we board him and ride him. CJ has been a blessing in our life and has provided many hours of love and fun for all of us. We have determined that he is definitely bombproof! He has the sweetest personality and shows so much affection for me and my grandsons. He know the difference when a little one is on him. My trainer uses him as a lesson horse (on loan) when she needs a gentle one. He plays with the Mustangs that she has and he is now the Alpha Male! He is very attached to me and follows me everywhere I go. I put carrots in my back pocket and he picks them out. He nuzzels his head in my shoulder when he wants affection. He actually lowered his head almost to the ground so that my 2-year old granddaughter could pet him. He is PERFECT for us and we thank you for helping us find the perfect contribution to our family! Here is a picture of me, CJ, and my grandson!

Thank You, Shaughna Vaughan


Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to let you know that Buckshot is doing great! We absolutely adore him! He's trustworthy, safe, gentle, very responsive...everything you said he was and more! My three year old rides him and he listens to her as if she were an adult. Thank you so much for the best horse in the world! He's priceless.

Very Sincerely, Kim and David McGee 1/16/2007


Thought would enjoy this, pop tart is doing great!!

Thanks, Gayla



Indigo is doing great in his new home! My oldest daughter has taken him to two 4H western shows; they are placing in the top 10 in both pleasure and equitation! (Although he seems to enjoy the trail courses just as much!) My youngest daughter is busy teaching him barrels and loving him! They both enjoy riding him around the property...I love that I can trust him with my girls. Thank you again for such a gentle horse!


Queen Creek, AZ



I just wanted to let you know that Sky is doing great. He is such a wonderful horse. He is exactly what we needed as a family horse. He is wonderful with any level of rider. My daughter has started lessons on him. My 5 year old, and 80 year old grandmother have also ridden him without a problem. He just follows me around like a puppy dog. when he has a beginner on his back. I have a hard time getting my daughter off of him. He is such a confidence builder. He is great in the arena and trail. I would like to know when you plan your next trail ride.

Thank you!! Cheryl DiVito 12/26/2006

Hi Sherry,

I just wanted to drop you a little note and let you know how the horses are doing: Breezy finally hit the low 20's on her horse Taxi,,,on the full set...but the most amazing is Little Mira....she just posted an 18.3...on a full set this past weekend at the Fall Classic.....she also ran 2 seconds off Sheri Estrada's fast horse Williams 4D....placing her top in the 4D...against one of the best runners in the world....I knew that little Palomino was gonna be good, but he has passed my expectations....Phoenix as turned out to be a great barrel horse....I will send you some action shots as soon as I get them...At the smaller local shows...Mira is running in the 1 and 2D...right behind my Pro horses....before long,,,she will be kicking my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breezy on Taxi - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Mira on Phoenix

Sharie Weber

Kingman, AZ 10/23/2006

Hi Sherry,

Just thought you might like an update about Reno :) He is doing great! Has put on quite a bit of weight and has turned out to be quite the HORSE! He and Taryn are inseparable!!!

Alicia Meyer


Hi Sherry!

Iíve been meaning to email and let you know how happy I am to have Robbie (we now call him Little Louie). Iím amazed at how suited he is to my riding and my personality. He seems to enjoy our rides and he is the same level-headed horse every time we ride, whether in a group or out solo. Iíve learned to relax on the trail and let him negotiate the rocks. Heís fattened up a bit on our pasture and seems to like being the only horse; more food for him. For a little horse, he sure eats. Man, can he put it away! Well, thanks again for this wonderful little horse. Say Hi to Cam Ė tell him I got the cowboy shuffle down.

Dee 10/19/2006


Just an update. We love Josey! Since she's my husband's horse he renamed her Jewel. She and our Morgan gelding get along well now. It took awhile establishing rank. My morgan is still the alpha but he is very protective of her. Since she still has not had her foal - I've had the vet check her 2X, I don't turn her out of her paddock anymore. Just to avoid any danger. She is such a docile, tolerant, even tempered mare. My husband has always been afraid of horses and this seems to have subsided thanks to her. I will send you pictures of the new arrival. I have a camera at the ready. We're praying for an easy labor and delivery and healthy foal! I'll stay in touch. Thanks so much for a great horse!

Hillary Peterson Prescott, AZ


Update sent 12/4/2006 Josey's foal shown at 5 weeks!

Hi Sherry,

T-Bone is doing great!!! Cheyanne and I rode again this afternoon and she was galloping him around the yard and having a blast. GOOD MATCH!!! Cheyanne rode her first gymkhana on T-bone "Snickers"! She placed 4th. He was just as perfect as I had hoped for!! She is very pleased with him. Saturday when we did the gymkhanna, Cheyanne was so scared and nervous she had tears in her eye's, she thought T-Bone was going to pull the same crap her other one pulled, she was so proud when she got back to the gait! I had tears in my eye's for being so proud of her! No problems on getting him to gallop either, they both have really bonded! Good job Sherry!!! Thanks again for another awesome horse!!! Oh, she decided to call T-bone "Snickers"! I thought you would be happy to hear that she didn't call him "Buddy"! LOL We have three great horses because of you. Thank you so very much and thanks again for holding T-Bone for us! Cheyanne is in heaven!!! I will get some pictures of us on the horses and you can post it on your satisfied customer page!! Take care and enjoy the cooler weather, I know I am!

Talk to ya later, Sarah

Wickenburg, AZ


Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to send you a little update since we purchased Barron, whom we renamed Buddy. We bought him from you a few months ago and since then, we have trailed all over our area and team penned and sorted on him. He is a COMPLETE gentleman. Tonight my son rode him out on the trails and then in the arena, he gave him the confidence to run and have fun like kids do. He is the million dollar horse. So versatile, anyone can ride him. I would recommend you and your stand up business to anyone looking for the perfect family horse. Hats off to you and your family, the work you put into these guys to ensure your clientís safety is top of the line! Thanks again for everything you did for us! You should be proud of what you do! Attached is a picture of Buddy looking quite proud of his newly bathed body!

Janette Ulacco - Equine Pampering

Cave Creek, AZ


Hey Sherry, A little update on Big Ben, We won first place in the neighborhood horse show in the trail class a few weeks ago! He did especially great considering he hadn't been ridden in about two months! I included a picture or two...

Your friend, Natalie


Hi Sherry

On July 29, 2005 I bought a palomino from you named Sonny (I renamed him Chamois). He has been a most wonderful addition to my family! Chamois is sweet, attentive, affectionate and wants to please. At first he was tentative, but after he learned it was safe to bond, we really connected. I just adore him! Thank you so very much for introducing me to Chamois. He is more suited to me than I even dared to hope for! Here are some pics. Wish you could see the sparkle in his eyes-----

Thanks!!! Nancy Mello, Apache Junction


THANK YOU for Oreo, I want to share with you his immediate impact in our family - My mother is 81, and the week of Christmas she rode Oreo in our pasture. She is frail, and has Osteoporosis, not the ideal rider! - He was as gentle as a kitten even when she made him run - he was sweet to her, as if he knew her fragile state. One week later my Mom was in the hospital with congestive heart failure, and double pneumonia - I almost lost her. I printed this picture in large format and hung in on her wall in the hospital - Riding Oreo was her inspiration for getting better - she told every nurse, assistant, Doctor - any one who would listen - "That's me on that horse, last week - I need to get better so I can help my daughter with that horse" Oreo came into our lives when we needed him most. We have much to learn about each other, but we are getting along nicely. Thanks for having just the right horse at just the right moment, look forward to sharing updates about our new family member - Oreo!

Tracey Gilbert 2/18/2006

Gilbert, AZ

Hi Sherry,

Here are some pictures of our buddy Charlie. My little sister Alanna rode him in her first Gymkhana on Saturday, they both had a Blast! Thank you so much for helping us find Charlie.

April and Alanna

Hi Sherry,

I ended up trading Scooby for that Palomino Pony, "Taxi", that you sold to Ty rogers for Breanna. He is a dream...what a horse for Breezy,,,she Won the PeeWee Jackpot 4d for her first Saddle!!!

Here is a pic. of her running Taxi and winning 1st in PeeWee Division!!!

Now I need a horse for Mira. If you have something that might work for Mira, would you please keep me posted. I really liked the two horses we got from you...they worked great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharie Weber 1/7/2006

District Director, NBHA AZ01

Dear Sherry,

We bought Slim (now known as Titan) from you a couple of month ago. We just wanted to let you know that ever since then my son and I have enjoyed every minute with him. He is a great horse and does everything we want him to do. Last month my son Lucas entered a little competition (barrel racing, pole bending etc.) with him and out of 5 events they took 3 first and 2 second places. He is such a pleasure to ride and we absolutely love him. He is a very versatile horse, great in all western events and loves to jump. We even rode him in the big Christmasparade and he was a perfect gentleman. We sure didn't expect that from a horse that lived on a ranch. He can be a little grumpy at times but he sure enjoys getting out into the arena and is very competitive. My son and him are surely a match made in heaven.

So, thank you again. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.

Kathrina Sidor 12/22/2005

Hi Sherry,

Here is the newest picture of Ammo. You really know how to find a diamond in the rough. We are so glad you found him for us as he is now a permanent part of our family. Your ability to see the potential in horses is incredible and it is greatly appreciated. My husband has now regained his confidence in riding so we ride together all the time. Riding safe horses is a great way to have quality time with family and friends. Ammo is the best horse ever and worth his weight in gold.

Thank you very much, Kami & Tom 7/19/2005


I am writing to tell you that we are very happy with Pal and he seems very happy with us. My daughter, Emily loves her new horse and is now riding at a level far above what she had reached on her little pony. If you ever need a letter of reference, feel free to contact us. Thank you again.

Our thanks, The Raleys 7/11/2005

Hi Sherry,

I'm Myriah Castillo and I bought Prince (Dusty) from you about 2-3 years ago through Michelle Johnson. I am so pleased with Prince. He is doing an awsome job with hunter jumper, he really loves it! Weve done heights up to 3 foot and he is doing all I ask from him and more. He is such a great teacher, and he makes me work pretty hard at what I do.

He is more than I could have ever have asked for!

This is a picture of him and me working a 2' 9'' triple oxer. Look at him clear that one!

Thank you so much! Myriah Castillo 6/20/2005


Thank you so much (belatedly) for letting our daughter, Stephanie, and her friend accompany you and your group on your trail ride at Goldfield the other weekend. They really had a wonderful time. That was the first time Stephanie had taken Buddy out on that kind of ride, and, from what I understand, they did wonderfully together.

Buddy has been such a great horse for her. They did their first horse games event at P&M back around the end of January and they will be doing another this coming weekend. She and Buddy are becoming quite a team. Thank you again, and we'll be watching your web site for other rides (and horses).

Cynthia and Stephen Callahan


Hi Sherry,

I just wanted to give you an update on the two horses we have bought from you this year. We got Snookerz in January and we just love our little man. He doesn't really like to lope, which is fine for us, a 4 year old rides him. He likes to walk and do a little trotting. And he has matured a lot since we purchased Sarge a couple of months ago. We take the pair out on trail rides, do arena work, and play with them and have very few issues with them. Snookerz has an affection for carrots and Sarge eats his crunchy apple treats. Both have taken to wearing their "hats" fly masks. They now approach us as we come to catch them, instead of us having to wait for them to come up to us. They really are super gentle horses and we just wanted to thank you for being so honest in your sale of them. We have given your name out and will continue to do so in the future. In the picture: Brownie (now Sarge - cause he is in charge) is on the right, Snookerz is on the left. Master Jeremy is wearing the blue hat.

Thanks, Heather and Scott Allen Master Jeremy Allen & Aunt Tami 5/12/2005


We purchased Gunner from you in December '04. He is the greatest horse! He never spooks on anything, and he has even gotten our other gelding to stop spooking on some things. Gunner has put on the weight he needed and is healthy, fat, and happy! Thanks again for selling him to us.I've included a picture of Gunner. :)

From:Michelle and Tiffany Stuehling 5/8/2005


We purchased Taxi, now known as Tack, back in November for our daughter Ty as her back up horse. Tack was supposed to get the next year to learn the barrels and various gymkhana patterns, but due to her primary horse getting injured, he has stepped up to be a great barrel/gymkhana horse. The pictures attached show some of the ribbons he has won and he only has three shows under his belt. Tack is still a little uneasy if you try to tie him too tight, but he has made great strides with that also. He can be tied to the trailer without any problems, etc. Under saddle that horse has no issues, does great in traffic and takes good care of Ty. We were quite concerned when her primary horse Jewels went down, because Ty was currently running in first for the saddle in her division, but Tack has stepped up and run some great times. She is still in first for the saddle and only can hope to keep up the good running. We are quite happy with this sale and wanted you to know that we would recommend you to anyone we know and have already. A couple of our friends have purchased a fews horses from you. Thanks for having such great horses and taking the time to know alot about what you are selling.

Sincerely, Krista and Ty Gunnoe 4/27/2005

To Sherry

It was a long time ago when i got cody. In fact, a few months ago I bought a saddle. Cody has a new show name. Mr.Cody. i'm now in 4-h with my sister and cody does amazing things. We are told by the owner where we board that Cody is the most genius gelding she has seen. The saddle is unbelieviblely comfty and fits him just right.

Thank you.- Emily Simpson 4/23/2005


I just wanted to let you know how happy my family is with our horse Wrangler that we bought from you. We got him as a Christmas present for our 5 kids. This was last Christmas 2004. We've had him for about 5 months, and have been so pleased. My 10year old daughter and I ride him the most. He hasn't spooked at anything and is very calm. We use him as a pleasure, trail riding horse and he is great. I can put our 5 and 6 year old children on him and they can hold the reins and he just follows me around. He has actually turned out to be a very gentle horse.

Thank you so much. Audry and Family 4/5/2005


My daughter, Chelsea, just won her first ribbon at Pole Bending at the gymkhana on 1/22/05. We bought Ritz from you in August (His name is now Sugar.). I was leary of buying a horse, never having had a horse myself, but you put my mind at ease. I had heard great things about you and your horses. Sugar (Ritz) has turned out to be just as you had said-- a great gymkhana prospect. My son turns 5 in April and has already been asking when he can have a horse, so I imagine I will be knocking on your door again soon--I wouldn't go anywhere else. My family and I hope to go on one of your trailrides soon. Thanks so much for your help.

Laura 1/26/2005

Dear Sherry,

If you ever wonder why on earth you've chosen to work with horses, if you should ever wonder if what you do is worthwhile in the grander scheme of things, or if you ever have a day when you think you don't mean much, I hope you'll keep the photo below around and look at it on those days.

I've loved horses since I was old enough to say "horsie". I rode throughout my youth. But because of the way my hip has deteriorated through the years, I'd all but given up hope that I'd ever really ride again because I couldn't find a horse that suited my special needs, until I found you.

I cannot thank you enough. Each time I ride and get safely off, my confidence in myself soars and I think of how grateful I am to have found you. I ride three times a week, more if I'm able, and I'm having a BLAST! I get compliments on Frodo/Mighty all the time. My Vet was out today to meet him and she is absolutely thrilled with him. He gets friendlier every day, and is just a joy to work with.

Sincerely, Jean Hamman 1/27/2004

Hi Sherry,

We purchased a horse from you in August of 2003. "Sky" is doing well and has proven to be an excellent choice for my 16-year old daughter as well as a wonderful addition to our family.

Jeane Spada-Allgood

Parks, AZ

Sherry, we purchased Bandit from you about six months ago and absolutely love him. We took him to a barrel racing, pole bending, and goat tying event on Friday. It was his first time to ever be at something like that. He did great. When it came to goat tying, he was the ONLY horse that stood right where he was dismounted, faced the goat and never moved. Every other horse, including those that attend these type of events all the time, RAN away. We are looking forward to taking him to more events.

Sincerely, Diana, Wade and Cameron Klabis

Queen Creek, AZ 9/2004

Hi Sherry,

Here is a picture I took yesterday of our entire herd. As you can see I have had to resort to glueing their noses to the ground to keep them from running off! Just kidding--we have taken them up north 3 times this month and they sure think they are in horsie heaven. You should see how easy they all load (even Jimmy) when we tell them we are heading up north. They literally jump into the trailer thinking about those 80 degree days. We were in Overgaard for a week over July 4th and then have gone up the last 2 weekends. We ride every day for several hours and Viking certinly lives up to his name because he does fabulous on the trails. He is the one who goes first whenever we encounter something new and he always plows right on. Jimmy tends to be a bit more cautious but with the other two along he does quite well too. We have run into elk twice in the middle of the afternoon so that should give you an idea of how far in we go. When you see Mark tell him that I actually cantored Jimmy yesterday- all by myself, and didn't fall off. He pops into his gaits so smoothly that he was going before I got too nervous to change my mind, lol.

Marci Norton

AZ - 6/28/2004


As you can see, Ziggy has put on a lot of weight and he is doing awesome. Megan absolutely loves him and the two have really bonded. Thank you so much for Ziggy. He has found his forever home and we have you to thank. We couldn't have asked for a better horse.

Thanks again. Lisa and Megan 6/25/2004


Finally remembered to let you know how *Ace* of Diamonds is. Yes the name stuck and my husband added the diamonds because of his marking. He is perfect! He really walks out fast and is perfect. The only problem is now my husband and I pick straws over who gets to ride him when we ride together! Sherry you have the best horses, and everyone here at the barns really likes our horses. My vet and farrier love Moon and Ace.

Thank-you Becky 6/13/2004

Hello Sherry

My daughter Megan has fallen in love with Ziggy. He has put on a lot of weight.

Well, talk to you later.

From Megan-Lisa-Ziggy 5/5/2004

Hi Sherry,

So far, the little paint is everything Hanna wanted. Her words are that he is "amazing"! She has had a lesson and a long trail ride. Tonight she decided to take him team sorting. I couldn't believe it. Confidence overnight. Definitely seems to be a good kids horse. We had him shoe'd today. I just wanted to let you know that Hanna decided to call him Micky instead of Scout, in case you wanted to reflect it on your records. Thanks for seeing us on Saturday even though you were busy with your new horses.

Dawn Stineman 5/4/2004

Hey there Sherry,

We finally got some pictures of Cash (now Ben) for you to look at. We just love him and he's doing great! He's a little lazy in the arena but is awesome on trail. We have trails here that go all through our neighborhood and they are a horse nightmare; barking dogs, block walls, kids playing basketball, and people in the pools, in short we have always said that if a horse can handle our trails they can handle just about anything. Ben already surpasses our older horses in his reactions on trail. He will stop and look if he is a little nervous but will walk on again once he's seen whatever bothers him. Even our 28 year old "packer" isn't as calm as he is! And I am excited about doing English with him. We have several dressage people in the neighborhood that just drool over him! You very well may have some English people coming your way for horses in the future! Training is easy but temperament is everything and so I think you are definitely worth the trip no matter what the discipline! All of our horses will come from you in the future (and so will several of our friend's!). Even our vet was impressed with your honesty and quality of stock. Please keep it up! It is so nice to have someone to refer people to!

Thanks so much for the great buy!

WEB Ranch (Mark and Ann Williams, and Natalie King)

P.S. I will send some English pictures once we get some!


Hi Sherry,

Boomer is awesome, I've ridden him around the neighborhood several times and he's been just great. We found a little place to run out in the desert last night and he was a perfect gentleman and enjoyed it. Not as much as me though! Feels so good to be out riding again.

Thanks! Kathy 4/28/2004

Hi Sherri,

On 8/3/03 I bought "Max" from you. Max has filled out very nicely and is extremely spoiled! I really love his calm disposition-very different from any of my other horses I've owned before. Anyway, I just wanted to give you an update on him. Im waiting for the remainder of his winter coat to shed than I will send a picture of him to you. If you remember him and remember where you got him, Im curious if you get others from his stock. We are looking within the next year of getting another horse, more than likely from you again. My whole family is fully enjoying Max and I can promise he will spend the rest of his days with us! Thank you so much! I'll send a pic soon of him!

Sincerely, Julie Selmer 4/28/2004

Hi Sherry,

I always check the messages on your site, and wanted to let you know how Whiskey is doing these days. He's the palomino we bought from you in January, for my beginner husband to ride. Whiskey is the nicest, most well-broke, level-headed horse I've had the pleasure to know. Anybody can ride him (even me! I'm an English rider who has learned how to speak western). He's quiet enough for my beginner husband to take trail riding with no problems. He has perfect ground manners and will stand tied without complaining. But, if I ask him to go, he's only too happy to kick it up a notch and move. He's always responsive, and will stop when you tell him to stop. He's shedding out to be a shiny, coppery palomino. He is now used to fly masks and velcro, and he makes cute faces for treats. He's perfect on trail rides in the desert. I do think he misses cows, though. I am a dressage rider myself and I board at an English stable. Many people have asked me where I got Whiskey, because they want their own Whiskey for their husbands or children. Whiskey's developed a very sweet, curious personality. He nickers to me all the time. He also loves to jump! He's bombproof, but he's not a deadhead. Whiskey also gets along really well with our other horse. I feel lucky to have found such a nice all-around horse. I can not imagine selling him. I think Whiskey's found a home for life! :-)

Lisa & Gary Broder in Cave Creek



Here are some pictures of Roxy. I love riding her bareback and with the saddle. She has buddies over a brick wall on the other side of the pasture. We love our spoiled rotten, RoxyJoe.



From: Toby Jones


Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004 8:38 PM

Subject: Tango

Sherry, Wow! What a pleasant experience buying Tango from you. You were willing to let our daughter (7 years old) ride him for the 2 weeks in between our down payment and the prepurchase veterinarian exam. That gave us the time we needed to make sure that Tango was the horse for her. He passed his exam with flying colors and you even delivered him to his new home. Tango has taken up residence with his newfound friend, another quarter horse that my wife rides. Now, my daughter can ride with my wife while I watch them both. Tango is the perfect gentleman for my daughter. He lowers his head to accept the bridle and bit and lowers it when it's time to take them off. He lets my daughter fuss all over him, brushing him, curry combing him, combing his mane and tail out, and washing him. My daughter even had her 7 year old friend come over and they played "beauty parlor" with him. Now, how he ever stood for that, I'll never know, but he was subjected to all sorts of preening, combing, brushing, and I think some fake application of curlers and makeup! Tango is a welcome addition to our family and my daughter is extremely proud to be the owner of her very own horse. I am very trustworthy of him in any situation and am pleased he was just as you represented. He will trot, lope, and stop on command and respond just like he was trained with a little girl on his back. When it comes time to look for another horse, Sherry, you will be the first place we venture out to have a look. Nicely done.

Thanks, Toby Jones

Sherry, Last weekend when we stopped by I promised to send pictures of Jimmy and Viking to show you how well they are doing. Well, we moved them yesterday to our finally finished new house and I took these pictures as they were getting out of the trailer. Jimmy's color has changed dramatically since I bought him and it turns out he is a dark chestnut with tiny white spots all over his body. He even has spots in his tail and mane hair. I wish you could see his tail in this picture because it's real long now and very full. Viking still has a great deal of his winter coat but he's shedding like mad and that won't last too much longer. It was very exciting to finally bring them home. They spent the rest of the day checking out their new digs and hanging out together. They have both turned out to be perfect horses for us and now that we have them home we are really looking forward to doing things with them. Dave is going to try team penning with Viking and some day I might even try that myself. (See attached file: Viking at home.jpg)(See attached file: Jimmy at home.JPG) Take care and we'll see you soon. I love stopping by to see your horses when you get new ones in. Dave thinks I'm going to buy another one every time we stop! Marci 3/30/2004

Hello there! How are you doing? I thought you might like to see what Monty looks like now. I just love him! He is my "DREAM HORSE"! No matter how much I ride him, he stays the same. I put my kids on him, and they ride him around just fine. But he is a lot of fun to ride too. He has a nice speed when we gallop down the trail, he never gets fussy, and I found out that the saddle I bought was making him sore. I would have never known it. He never got angry or skipped a beat. I only found it by bathing him when it warmed up. I am truly happy with him!

Thank You. Love, Jennifer 3/27/2004

Sherry, Thank you so much for Prince (now Caspar ). He is just a dream.. everything we were looking for. He is super sweet, eager to please, and very easy to train. My hubby and I just adore him. I'm so glad that I found your website. Your horses are everything you promise. When we're ready for our next one, we'll definitely be around to see you.

Best regards, Jennifer and Jim 3/2/2004


Just had to let you know how loved Moon is. He is the kind of horse I have always dreamed of, and I have had a lot of horses. He is so people oriented, gentle, very willing and honest. I can teach him anything in a short period of time. He has a good foundation and he is very responsive. I feel safe with him and you can be assured he is a pampered king. I even got him a blanket since it is a little colder here and he was used to one. The icing on the cake in my husbands opinion is that he has one *potty* spot. His darker coat colors are starting to come out now and he is muscling up. Thank-you so much for your honest representation of your horses and we will be back for the next one.

Dan and Becky 3/2/2004


Night Ghost Moon continues to amaze us, especially with round up, he cut our work in half this time. He's really bonded with me now, and he is one smart horse. Most of all he is very loving and eager to please, thank-you.

Becky 5/7/2004

Hi Sherry, This is Kacia Vessels. I bought Barkley and It's Good to Be King from you. I need a very gentle and willing schooling horse for my younger students. Slow, steady walk, jog, lope are a plus. As always, appearance is secondary, soundness and a safe ride being more important. Cowboy (our nickname for It's Good to Be King) is doing very well. He is the most responsive and athletic horse I have ever ridden. He is very willing and a beautiful mover. We are teaching him to go English and think he has great potential as a hunter/jumper. My daughter has taken him Team Penning and he is amazing! He has put on some weight and is losing his winter coat. We hope to have him ready for my intermediate lesson students in a couple of months. Anyway, please email me as soon as you have some horses for me to consider. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kacia 2/10/2004

Hi Sherry, I just wanted to drop you an email and let you know how great the horses are doing. I'll have to send you a pic of Doc, He is really filling out nice. He is really becoming one good look'n boy. Charlie Horse is doing great too. I hate to say that I hardly get a chance to ride him. After a slow warm up I'll take him out for a quick jog, then I'm kicked off for the kids to ride. We are new entertainment for all of Aubreigh's friends and the neighborhood. They are both doing great with all of the attention and I have to say Charlie is getting better with the hands on. We discovered that Charlie does not like diesels, but even when the garbage truck went by and he let us know he didn't like it we were still completely safe. All he did was perk up and stop, snort a little then waited for it to be gone. I cant thank you enough for the peace of mind that we are completely safe when riding. Doc is amazing. Even though he's only six, he seems to have been around the block enough to know exactly what we want from him. When were on the trail he follows Charlie like a shadow, but Aubreigh(4) can still take him out and around and he is the perfect gentleman with her inexperienced commands. Thanks again for your help and for two great horses.

Kris 2/2004

Sherry, Thanks for all of your help today. After buying Doc and Charlie Horse from you last December, we have been so happy. The way you helped us then, and how honestly they were represented, we knew when we wanted number three that we would definitely be coming back to you. We've decided to the call him Zours (like the candy). He is getting along great so far. The boys are now the "Tres Amigos". I just want to say thanks again and I really appreciate all of your help. Take care, Kris 2/28/2004

Hi Sherry and Staff:

Thank you for your help and assistance in our search for the right horse! Marcie and Malorie rode him double in my arena bareback after he settled in to his new corral and met the other horses. He is going to be the most polished and groomed horse in Morristown. He will get lots of love and good care. As soon as weather permits he will be getting a bath and soon will have a pedicure.

P.S. Dozer says Good Job Sherry!

If you are every in Wickenburg or Morristown, please feel free to stop by and see us.

Best Holiday Wishes to all of you, Sylvia at Roundup Ranch 12/06/2003

Hey Sherry!

Just giving you another message on Magic. He is doing so wonderful! He has gained a lot of weight and looks awesome! He has grown his winter coat and seems to be doing fine with the snow around here. I haven't ridden him in a while because of the weather, and I really miss him!

He is a wonderful horse, and once again, Thank you so much for him!

Sincerely, Keri Johnston 12/16/2003


I was wondering if you have another horse like Rocky, I bought him from you and he is just perfect! I would like maybe just a bit more get up and go but, easy to handle for the beginner like myself. I hope that you remember about my situation with the cancer in my back so this horse cant spook or jump on the trail. Easy to handle and loves to trail with the others. One that doesn't have to be rode every day and fairly easy on the budget.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Carol 12/09/2003

Hey Sherry, Just a quick note to let you know Ringo is doing fine. We wanted to thank you again for the way you do business and represent the horses you sell, it has been a pleasurable experience.

Best regards, Mark Hawkins 12/2003


Viking passed his vet check with flying colors. He and Jimmy are getting acquainted and so far they seem to like hanging out together. Hope you had a nice trip and holiday.

Thanks again for another nice horse.

Marci 11/27/2003

Hello there!

I thought I would let you know how things are going with Monty. He is a really nice horse. I really do like him a lot. He is looking really good. He has put on a lot of weight already, and looks nice after a bath. He is spoiled according to everyone. But he takes care of me, so I have to take care of him! Once I get him where I want him, I will send pics and let you know how we are doing. Thanks again and take care.

Jennifer 10/20/2003


Here is Anna and me with our new horse Chance!


Hi, We got Bingo home and he is doing well in his new surroundings. I am riding him every day 1 - 2 hours and he is a blast to ride. We all like him.

Thanks again, Tom Reilly 9/30/2003

Hello Sherry!

Yes me and Magic are getting along fine. My best friend really likes him and has a fun riding him. She wants a horse like Magic. I have also tried doing to barrels with him, he does really well, and he is an awesome horse! I love riding him! He is the funnest horse I have ever ridden!

-Keri Johnston - New Mexico 9/7/2003


I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you about Rocky. All that I can say is WOW!! I went to feed him the other day and I swear he kissed me on the cheek. He is still kind of nervous but, what a difference. Thanks so much he was and is everything that you said. We are going on a trail ride tomorrow and everyone wants to ride him, sorry he's MINE...

Thanks again and I will come back to you when I am ready for another.

Your new friend, Carol 10/03/2003

Hi Sherry, Thank you so much for making my dream come true. I re-named "Spike", his name is now Trigger Junior. He is beautiful, well behaved and I couldn't ask for a better horse. Trigger has a great personality and I truly love this horse very much!!! You are very good at matching up horses to people and he is everything you represented him to be. I just can't thank you enough!!! You are truly a great lady.

Very sincerely, Joey Beach Queen Creek, AZ 9/7/2003

Hi Sherry, Butch is doing great!! On Saturday he seemed pretty tired from his extra long trip up here. However, I rode him on Sunday morning around the neighborhood, and he didn't miss a beat. We rode for about an hour, and he was awesome. We walked through desert, down small ravines, by barking dogs, and next to busy streets. The other two horses spooked at a blowing bag, and he never batted an eye. He seems to be adjusting well. I took him out of his stall this evening to walk him around a little, and the 3 yr. old mare next to him had a fit. I'm looking forward to my next ride!!

Thanks, Amy Weathers - Las Vegas, NV 9/8/2003

Hi Sherry,

I wanted to thank you for Sweet Honey Bar (we call her Ruby now). She is the perfect fit for me. As I am getting more experience, I can see that she was started good and has had a lot of excellent training. She is everything you said she was and more! She and I have been going to a riding group at Eagle Creek Ranch in Cave Creek taught by Allison Fincher. I have been learning all the things that Ruby already knows. We do a lot of ground work as well as riding. I hope that everything is going well in your new location.

Take care, Susan Finley 9/04/2003

Hi Sherry,

Just wanted to let you know what a great horse Lobo is. He is the perfect all around horse. We have taken him on trail rides, herded other horses with him, and taken him around cattle. He is not spooky and goes anywhere. Even though he walks out fast, our ten year old son rides him and Lobo is very gentle with him. Even though we've only had him a short time, he is our favorite out of all our horses. He has plenty of energy and is very willing to do whatever he's asked. We look forward to learning how to team pen and sort on him. We will definitely be purchasing our future horses from you.

Thanks for the great horse.

Cameron, Diana and Wade Klabis 8/30/03

Hi Sherry,

Thank you for Amigo and Lil Joe!! They are truly wonderful horses, super gentle and we love them already! I am so grateful to you for selling me two horses that my husband and I can ride and feel totally safe on. You are a terrific person and thanks again.

Sincerely, Joey and Herb Beach 6/2003

Hello Sherry!

Thank you so much for Magic! He is a great horse! He gets along fine with my pony, and seems to be gaining more weight. I have taken him to roundups and stuff, and he has been fantastic with me!

Sincerely, Keri Johnston 7/31/2003

Hi Sherry- Just had to drop you a line and let you know how Rascal is doing. He was the best decision we ever made. Jeff is really happy with him and I am simply amazed. Rascal is incredibly easy to handle, has a very happy disposition and really lives up to his name. He likes to untie the horse next to him, pull fly masks off, chew spray bottles, etc.

What really does it for me is that my 6 year old mare, Ginger has become a different horse. The formerly difficult, moody, dominant Palomino has turned into a sweet, obedient, happy young mare. She follows Rascal everywhere and they seem to have bonded very quickly. The two of them really get the attention- a couple of beautiful horses. Thanks again for everything, hope things are turning out well for you. Drop us a line and let us know how things are going- We are also interested in a used trailerÖ..

Randy Gardner/Jeff McCasland

New Mexico


Hi Sherry,

This is Jeannie Torres. I am the very happy new owner of "Snickers". I checked your site today and saw Blaze listed on the For Sale link. When we were there this weekend, Diego's eye kept wandering back to Blaze. He commented a number of times that if he were to have a horse, Blaze would be what he was looking for. I called him as soon as I saw the picture of Blaze to let him know that he was still out there. He's kind of taking the bait... do you still have him? I know that we are in the market for another horse. I am so thrilled with Snickers. I rode him out for about 3 hours on Sunday. I started around our property and then took him up in the San Tans on the trails that start about 500 feet from our house. He was incredible! I took him on pavement, on dirt roads, on the trail, through the natural terrain and past anything at all I thought that he might think was different or scary. He was chased by dogs both big and small, passed by motorcycles, cars and quads, greeted by every horse in the neighborhood, and surprised by a covey of quail or two. The only thing he didn't like was trash cans..... he snorted at them and kept on going! Words could not express how happy I am to have him and how grateful I am that I happened upon your web site. Thank you for making my childhood dream come true. I also want to tell you that Danny is awesome! He's not only easy on the eyes (wink!) he answered every question I had - and I had a million - he also made me feel 100% comfortable about Snickers by demonstrating how quiet and calm he was no matter what was done to him. Please give him our thanks also. Lastly, I wanted to let you know that Snickers loaded and unloaded like a complete gentleman! What a bonus! I could write a book about how happy and grateful we are that we found you but I know that you are busy and don't have alot of time to read all of the gushy emails you must get! I will just say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please let me know if you still have Blaze for sale or if someone else scooped him up! We definitely are in the market for another horse to compliment Snickers.

Thank you again, Jeannie Torres 11/20/2002

Hi Sherry, Sue & I were checking out your web page, looks great. That little palomino (Copper) we got from you for Travis, turned out to be a wonderful horse for him. If there truly is a bombproof horse, Copper is the one. Thanks!!!! for the ease of mind. Son loves his Horse!!!!!!

Thanks Always, Jeff & Sue Wright New River, AZ. 11/9/2002


We bought Cisco from you and Danny ,since you were out of town. I haven't ridden since I was 16, about 20 years. He's been real good on the trail. He is a bit hard to catch , but warms up with a little hay in the hand. We got him as a family horse and last night I rode on him with my two year old. He even likes to chase cows, since we live in free range territory. Both my neighbors think he's a great horse. Now if we could get some corrals on our property I'd buy another one from you.

Thanks, Jaime McPhillips 11/12/2002

Hi Sherry,

I purchased Pokey from you a couple of months ago. I am amazed, he is just an awesome horse for my 6yr.old daughter. She can't make him trot, but I know he won't run off with her, he is my babysitter. He has just buttered up and is all mushy for attention. Just what I was looking for. Any horse I have had, I always gave them time to get accustomed to their surroundings, but I felt comfortable to take him out the he was here, and to my surprise, he has been no different from then to now. I find myself scanning through your ads on-line for a 4th horse to add to our family (which I never thought I'd do). I'm keeping an eye out for another one. Thanks for being the connection between those who want and those who have; and for representing them honestly in horse language.

Aileen Richardson 8/17/2002

PokeyMan is doing great. He's definately a family keeper. He is quite a chatterbox and he loves the attention of getting groomed. His mane is growing out quite lengthy (flaxen). He's the talk of the neighborhood with a 6yr. old atop him. He's so steady-minded, I can see why people just become "quarter-horse-people".

See ya. Aileen. 10/26/2002


I am so happy with the gelding, Spirit, that I bought for my 6y/o son Johnathan. He does everything Johnathan asks of him and takes wonderful care of him. Spirit is very aware of who is on his back. When Johnathan rides him, he will go at a nice easy lope, and follow all his cues. When my husband rides him, Spirit really shows how much he is "babysitting" my son. This horse is very athletic and can really chase a cow! I could not ask for a horse to fit our family any better.

Thank you, Laura Morris 10/5/2002

Hi Sherry,

just a little update on Ace. For a young horse he is really very quiet. He is smart and has a wonderful mind. We have been all over the scarey parts of our neighborhood, and the worst he has done is snort. We are working on the backin up thing and he wont take one lead but these are little things we can over come. I gave him his fall shot tonight and he just stood there, he is such a good boy for only 5. Thanks for being so patient with me.

Sincerly. -Karen Collins 10/23/2002

Hi Sherry - Quick update - I've changed Whispers name, I call him Grady. I think he likes it. :) Ha ha Grady is doing great, I rode him Tuesday & he was just as calm as ever, even with all 4 of our dogs running around his feet... He's great for me - I am glad that I got him.... Grady LOVES to eat - talks up a storm @ feeding time, he's getting extra alfalfa & we got him some weight gainer supplement. All in all everything's great.

Tawna Edgmon 9/26/2002

Hi Sherry, I just wanted to say thank you for selling Frosty to myself and my daughter Brittany. She has a huge crush on this young man, and quite honestly I hope it last forever. He is having his vet check tomorrow and were getting him current on his shots "OUCH"! I hope everything went well with the other buyer. We were hoping she either lost interest, or was just as fond of another one of your beautiful horses.

Kathleen Winans 9/13/2002


I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for allowing me to purchase my new family member. He is my best buddy and my childhood dream come true. I could not have purchased a better horse. He is so gentle and sweet, well trained and trustworthy.

Thanks again, Sincerely, Wyatts new mom, Kandi Cook. 6/30/2002

Hi Sherry.

I wanted to Thank You! Tex is working out perfectly! He is so gentle with the beginners, but I took him to a team penning the other night, and he was so much fun! He really woke up when he saw the cattle, but he was still very quiet. He is just what we were looking for, and we really appreciate the way you worked with us when we started off with the wrong horse for us. Thanks again for being so honest and friendly.

Thanks! Patty Johnson 9/28/2002